Like any great conversationalists, we've brought our experiences, our personalities, and our predilections to the table. Politically, we're spread across the right of center. Culturally, we're spread across the whole range of human endeavor -- with distinguished careers and rich lives in politics, music, law, medicine, movies, industry, finance, and more. Some of us are familiar faces. Some of us you'll be meeting for the first time. All of us have come together to foster the kind of unpredictable, crackling back-and-forth that's worth our while and yours.

To make it all happen, Ricochet has a few key features:

  • The Contributor Feed. This is the backbone of Ricochet -- a non-stop, ongoing feed of our contributors' posts and comments. It's free for all to read, share, and link.
  • The Customized Feeds. When you become a member, you can customize two different kinds of feeds, each with its own tab atop the main page: "Conversations I'm Following" and "People I'm Following." Follow whichever members, contributors, and conversations you like.
  • Membership. As a member, not only do you gain the ability to customize your own feeds and follows, you earn the exclusive ability to post comments, interacting directly with our contributors and connecting with your fellow members. Ricochet membership is only $3.47 a month -- the equivalent of a Starbucks latte, and quite a bit more stimulating.

We live in a world where there's more than ever to chew over, criticize, and celebrate. At Ricochet, our goal is simple: to provide you the right place to speak, listen, and be heard. So sign up, make yourself at home, and join the conversation.

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