eZ Publish

I discovered eZ Publish first in 1999 while preparing to develop a new content management system.

At the time I was looking for a free (as in beer and freedom) web application framework which was free software, would run using GNU/Linux and written in object oriented php.

I started working with eZ Publish in 2001 while working on a web based commerce and web site solution for a customer interested in selling online.

A proven, open source CMS that can handle anything you throw at it.

eZ Publish CMS’s origins date back to 1999 when it was conceived as an open source alternative in the growing content management field. It is built on the idea of simplifying content management by separating the creation and structuring of “content”– words and pictures – from its display. And its excellent engineering reflect the quality of the vendor behind it: eZ Systems / Ibexa.

Brookins Consulting team includes expertise in eZ Publish dating back to 1999. We are a certified developer of eZ Publish. Brookins Consulting’s CEO Graham Brookins has been nominated for two eZ Awards for our outstanding performance in the market and served for years on most eZ Community Website Projects.

eZ Publish provides a robust CMS solution, fully supported and continually evolving through bi-annual updates and a vibrant partner and user community. Because eZ Publish is simple, modular and extendible it encourages innovation in the community to find new ways to display content, new functionality, and new means to simplify content administration and minimize maintenance cost.