My personal and professional portfolio of past website application development projects. Click on each image card to open the portfolio item.


eZ Community is a branch of the eZ Systems eZ publish 2 php/mysql web content management system, updated to include new bug fixes, contributions, missing features and modules. eZ systems does not provide support in any way for eZ Community releases.

Alaskan Industrial Hardware

In 1959, Alaska Industrial Hardware was founded. It was a modest beginning with a simple plan - buy surplus nuts and bolts, remanufacture them and sell them. Working together throughout the years, four partners developed the hardware institution as it is known today.

Aurora Technologies

Aurora offers competitive pricing along with a workforce of highly skilled electricians and voice/data technicians.

The Last Big Thing

If you don't know you many never understand, if you know you'll never be able to forget. Time passes, life goes on, have you moved on, will you, can you, does it burn in your mind slowly pushing you over the edge? If not, give up, go away and leave us alone, this isn't about you, this isn't for you, we don't need you.

Electric Bread

Electric bread machine distribution ecommerce shop for local retailer

Reiss Studio

An online ecommerce shop offering high end graphics rendering software plugins for 3D rendering applications.

North Slope Borough Procurement

North Slope Borough Procurement website provided a simple avenue for request for proposals to be created, managed, distributed worldwide and awarded.