My personal and professional portfolio of past website application development projects. Click on each image card to open the portfolio item.

North West Strategies

You've heard it before, if you fail to plan - you plan to fail. We're here to make sure this doesn't happen.


One family, one year, one world


We are the Teller-Miller family: Lori Teller, David Miller, and Sonia Miller. Our travels into parts of South America, Europe and Asia begin in June 1999 and are anticipated to continue through June 2000.

Alaska Science and Technology

ASTF is a state agency created in 1988 that invests money to improve Alaska's economy and to increase the state's science and engineering capabilities.

Mckinley Mortgage

McKinley shows you why they are called the quickest, easiest and most trusted way to convert your mortgage note and real estate equity to cash.

Alaska Cadillac Cafe

We would like to great you and welcome you to the Alaska Cadillac Cafe. It's a small and cozy place that makes its business on customer at a time.

Aurora Visual

What makes a successful presentation? To truly move your audience, you need to grab your audiences attention within the first 8 seconds, and maintain it for sometimes up to eight hours! How do you do that? You need have high-quality graphics that focus and emphasize your message.