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Graham Brookins

 Web Application Developer


 Position developing or designing web applications for a company that needs a creative, experienced professional.


I have a wide range of skills including computing, software and technology.

Primary Skills

Skill Years Comments
PHP 25 Used daily. High comfort level coding new applications from scratch, or modifying existing applications. Solid understanding of OOP. Experience with methodologies such as MVC and a variety of frameworks. Familiarity with many open source programs and libraries. Experience with e-commerce, enterprise software, content management systems, and web services.
XHTML/CSS 28 Able to create stylish, standards compliant websites. Most comfortable coding by hand.
Javascript/AJAX 15 Experience using Javascript to improve usability and style. Comfortable using the open source Prototype library, among others, DOM manipulation, JSON, and OOP.
Testing 17 High comfort level designing and testing software applications for the web.
SQL 19 Web application oriented knowledge of SQL. Lots of direct experience with MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Access databases.
OOP 26 High comfort level designing and developing object oriented applications


Secondary Skills

Skill Years Comments
Apache 16 Comfortable with installation and configuration on most platforms. Basic level of troubleshooting ability.
MySQL 16 Longtime MySQL poweruser
Linux 20 Longtime GNU/Linux and Unix-like operating systems poweruser. Familiar with many desktop and server programs.
Windows 25 Longtime Windows poweruser.
Apple 28 Longtime Apple user.
Flash/Actionscript 5 Used occasionally. Knowledge of the basics.
UML 10 Can read and create at a basic level.
Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Used for rapid prototyping before I started coding my HTML by hand, about 10 years ago.
Adobe Photoshop 19 Basic knowledge.


Tertiary Skills

Skill Years Comments
Perl 16 Primarily used for desktop scripting, cgi programing, regular expressions, experience with perl web applications / frameworks, knowledge of most major concepts.
Ruby 1 Basic knowledge. Some personal experience with Ruby on Rails and WATIR.
C# / .Net 1 Basic knowledge. Some personal experience with C# web applications hosted on GNU/Linux using Apache and mod_mono / mono.
PostgreSQL 8 Basic knowledge. Some personal experience with server installation and configuration


Educated, trained and certified professional in the subject of computer software development.


eZ Systems, eZ Publish Advanced Developer Certification
eZ Logo
CompTIA, Network+ Certification
Network+ Certified
CompTIA, A+ Certification
A+ Certified
Bruce Eckel, Thinking in Java, OO Training
Thinking in Java


Various training courses completed over the years

  • Learn2Serve, Food Handler Certification
  • eZ Systems, Creating Certified Extensions for eZ Publish Certification
  • eZ Systems, eZ Publish Now - Certified Extension Advanced Developer Training in Skien, Norway
  • eZ Systems, eZ Publish Now - Customization Certification
  • eZ Systems, eZ Publish Now - Installation Certification
  • eZ Systems, eZ Publish Now - Developer Training in Austin, TX
  • eZ Systems, eZ Publish - Certified Developer Certification
  • eZ Systems, eZ Publish - Developer Basics Certification
  • eZ Systems, eZ Publish - Advanced Training in Vancouver, Canada
  • eZ Systems, eZ Publish - Advanced Partner Training in Washington, DC
  • CompTIA, Network+ Certification
  • CompTIA, A+ Certification
  • Bruce Eckel, Thinking in Java, OO Training

General Studies

  • 1999 : UAA - University of Alaska, Anchorage
  • 1999 : Save High School, Anchorage, Alaska
  • 1996 - 1998 : Diamond High School, Anchorage, Alaska
  • 1986 - 1996 : Aboot Loop Christian School, Anchorage, Alaska

Work Experience

Professional Work Experience

02/2001 - Present Brookins Consulting Dallas, Texas
Lead Web Application Designer/Developer

At Brookins Consulting I had the opportunity to play a variety of major roles in the development of a broad range of web projects. My duties included ...

  • Maintaining and developing new features for existing client sites, including enterprise, content management, and e-commerce.
  • Project management for new clients.
  • Plugin development for several open-source solutions.
  • Maintaining and developing eZ publish 2 (included a full PHP4 to PHP5 migration).
  • Providing clients with Photoshop mockups.
  • Migrating mockups to CSS/XHTML and a variety of template languages.


05/2013 - 01/2016 Contextual Code, formerly ThinkCreative Fort Worth, Texas
Software Engineer
Open source object oriented CMS/CMF (eZ Platform / Symfony 2/3) application development and maintenance using PHP5.3-5.4, GNU/Linux, MySQL, MariaDB, Apache, Mantis Issue Tracker and HipChat. Implementing the latest Responsive Design with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery. First Level Support for over 36 client projects
Contributing Open Source, Git, GitHub, Bitbucket, Composer Developer
Symfony 2-3, TWIG Template, TWIG Operator and Function, Bundle Development
Object Oriented Architecting, Design and Programming Across The Full Stack HTML5, CSS3, LESS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, Layout, Template Development
Created over 15 reliable and flexible reporting tools which integrated individually under one collective package
Created feature rich command line, cronjob scripts and workflow tools for multiple use cases
3rd Party API Integration using many services across multiple client projects
Repeatedly and promptly solves problems the first time with forward thinking


07/2013 - 10/2013 Verizon Irving, Texas
Software Engineer
Web application development team’s technical lead for Javascript Development of their mobile tablet device platform and quality assurance. Utilizing Javascript, SVN, ACL, Coding by hand. Executed existing software code review, updates and improvements both functional and aesthetic.


04/2006 - 06/2006, LTD Austin, Texas
Lead Software Engineer
Web application development, team lead, technical administration, quality assurance, project management, PHP5 / MySQL5, Action Script programming, existing software maintenance, responsible for code review of back end components, planing, implementing, change management, quality assurance, project planning. RedHat Enterprise Linux Server Administration managing Backup, software selection and installation and management DNS, Apache, MySQL, SVN, ACL, NFS, Firewall and software build environment development.


10/2008 - 11/2008 Verizon Business Dallas, Texas
Web Application Developer
Web application development team’s technical lead, development and quality assurance. Utilizing PHP5, MySQL5, HTML4, Javascript, Apache2, SVN, ACL, Backup automation, WAMP server installation configuration and web application development expertise. Executed existing software code review, updates and improvements both functional and aesthetic. The goal to upgrade all WAMP dependencies and identify / resolve any bugs or functionality loss as a result of the upgrades. Including testing fully all aspects of the surrounding intranet platform. Customer facility required an upgrade of their internal web server and web applications.


07/2006 - 08/2006 IBM Austin, Texas
Web Developer
Create and maintain external customer support web sites for System p5 hardware and software. Create and maintain internal support web sites for support representatives and technical analysts. Assisting the web architect in maintaining client and w3 standards on all projects by participating in UI reviews during the design process, and by testing/editing web applications during various stages of development. Working with development groups across multiple groups within the organization. Documenting technical subjects clearly and concisely to support both external and internal support sites or tools. Use of AIX, XHTML, CSS, W3 (internal and external web standards), XML, IBM System p servers.


06/1999 - 02/2001 7x Group, LLC Anchorage, Alaska
Lead Web Application Developer
Lead developer, mentor new employees, company protected information security. Design, develop and release object oriented web applications. Active management of development via cvs with multiple developers as teams and individually. Document breakdowns, create and implement resolutions. Manage task time estimates, manage dependencies, work flows. Programmer, problem solving for multiple internal and external projects.


11/1998 - 04/1999 Internet Alaska, Inc. Anchorage, Alaska
Technical Support Representative and Network Monitor
Maintain call wait time below 400 seconds. Discover, recognize general / specific network problems affecting dial-up / dedicated user's connectivity problems. Responsible for development of standardized Bash profile. Responsible for development of their primary web based support site,

Salary Requirements

Open to telecommuting, remote projects and contract opportunities.

  • Full Time: $80,000 per year
  • Contract: $45 - $75 per hour


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