Graham Brookins continues to deliver customer satisfaction above and beyond expectations, but you don't have to take our word for it. Just listen to what the customers have to say ...

“Graham is extremely knowledgeable and efficient. I greatly appreciate his ability to work multiple highly technical projects while maintaining communication and consistently exceeding expectations. Graham is a hard worker who will help to ensure that you’re more than satisfied.” Tre' Williams; 

“Graham was brought in to assist us with setting up apache on a new installation of Red Hat Enterprise Server as well as to offer his expertise in working with PHP and MySQL. He did an absolutely fantastic job on both fronts and completed his work ahead of schedule. He's incredibly knowledgeable with all things Linux and was able to educate me and my team in working with the OS as well. We look forward to working with Graham in the future.” David O'Boyle; SWAPA 

"Graham is a friendly, willing to help and experienced eZ Publish developer. He helped me several times so far with my personal projects, providing direct help and also links to where I could find more information about what I needed, therefore I thank him for his activity in eZ Community." Octavian Sandu, eZ Publish Community 

"We contracted Graham for his expertise in the eZ Publish platform. He is an honest and conscientious developer who has experience with eZ Publish since the early 2000s. He is also fast-- at times, he gets his work done almost faster than I can give it to him. So make sure you have a good queue of work for him-- he'll tear through it." Abraham Fowler; 

“Graham is highly knowledgeable about the eZ publish system and web server optimization in general. He was able to fix a number of existing issues on our server, as well as make critical changes for future development and expansion of the server, and is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.” - Raymond Williams; 

“With precision and accuracy, Graham jumped right into our existing PHP application. I recommend Graham for anyone seeking a contract PHP developer, where time is sensitive and your selection requirement critical.” - Noel Geren; 

"I first met Graham when I was looking for a PHP/Ecommerce developer for a client of mine. Not only does Graham have a deep knowledge of in his field but he is an out of box thinker. Upon meeting with the client they were excited about his current knowledge and his ability to pick up new products and projects. Graham is a quick witted thinker who enjoys a challenge. The feedback I have received from this client about Graham has been positive." - Jennifer Simpson-Black; S&B Consulting Group 

“I've worked alongside Graham at technical training sessions and found his knowledge of EZ Publish -- a leading open source content management system for the enterprise -- to be top-notch. The best part is that he is willing to share it. Unlike many IT consultants and developers, Graham provides detailed documentation and instruction that normal people can read, understand and put to good use. He's helped me out on several occasions. If you are seeking clarity, work with Graham.”- Luke Barton; 

“Graham became known for his involvement in the eZ systems community as one of the top posters in forums, helping others with basic and advanced issues. He also wrote several well known extensions for eZ publish that are in widespread use. He was nominated for the Extension of the Year award in 2007. We were classmates at the eZ Systems Certified Extension Developer course in Skien, Norway. Being in a management position and not directly responsible for development, I looked for Graham to help me get up to speed with some of the latest development skills.” - Felipe Jaramillo Fonnegra; 

“Having decided upon eZ Publish as a publishing system, help was needed as some it’s complexities is beyond inhouse skills. Graham of Brookins Consulting did a multisite installation and will hopefully continue help building and managing Kosmos’ eZ Publish sites.” - Robin Lund;

 “We recently needed to quickly produce a subscription module for a client utilizing eZ Publish. Not being as versed in the area as many others, I took to investigating options of hiring another firm to take care of the work in a quick manner. I happened to stumble upon Brookins Consulting as a viable option due to their work with the payment gateway eZ Authorize which would also need to be integrated." "Although in the end the work was above and beyond what we expected. I find that a more accurate accounting of how valuable a business is to work with, comes not from their ability to perform a function, but how they deal with issues and problems when they arise. I'd have to say that working with Brookins Consulting was top notch, and I would not hesitate to hire them again in the future.” - Jason Diehl, 

“Graham is a talented, capable and considerate programmer. He is seasoned in every aspect of the application lifecycle. I found his attention to detail and documentation to be impeccable. I would strongly recommend Graham for any software design or development project...”- Matthew Sweetman; 

"Brookins Consulting - Graham Brookins is a talented web developer who taught me most of what I know about eZ publish, PHP, and the like" - Bob Sims, 

"Graham Brookins and Bob Sims continued to extend the features of our website, making it easier and faster to navigate" - Erik Stephens,