All about the development of eZ Publish by Graham Brookins, 7x and Brookins Consulting.

Or why I used eZ Publish for this blog. I think Wordpress is a great tool who’s developing solid toolsets for blogging and basic pages. 

That said my website was built with eZ Publish which comes with the basic templates for blogging that for me at the time were more than adequate for my basic blogging needs. Also I get the full power of eZ Publish with each blog post I publish.

With all the AI plugins for Wordpress being developed how long till the tables turn?

The first thing we see customers do first when they start an eZ Publish website is Googling to see what their search results look like. This is why we build and maintain our own tool chain for Google Search Console Sitemaps and Google Analytics.

For all new websites we build we include BC Google Sitemaps and BC Website Statistics which work perfectly today with eZ Publish multi site configurations.

Give our tools a try you will save time and increase your return on investment.

I recently updated the logo and design styles to give this website a updated look ready for today’s mobile browsers.

Update: The header and menus have been replaced with a more modern design. Try it and leave a comment below.

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