All about the development of eZ Publish by Graham Brookins, 7x and Brookins Consulting.

This is just too cool for words. It’s really coming true, SQLite Database Support equal to MySQL or Oracle but drastically cheaper in cost to get started quickly. 

Have you ever wished to reduce your own database headaches with eZ Publish?

For years I’ve watched others developing with eZ and wished silently for the day when SQLite database driver support in the eZ Publish kernel and setup wizard would be generally available to end users. 

I have grown from not just dreaming but stepping up, reaching my goals and making my dreams come true with hard work.

Checkout the newly refreshed installation process. We lightly refactored the default setup wizard to provide for a completely simple database selection choice and full installation support for site package data and site configuration used when building a SQLite driven database eZ Publish website, kiosk app or other unique use cases.

With this new feature of our software eZ Publish 6.0.1 (github/main;unreleased) you on need to install PHP, PHP Extensions (required by eZ Publish which now includes the SQLite driver which is painless to install using your favorite OS package manager). As a Debian advocate I recommend APT which is a time saver in life in all things. Back to the point after php is installed you only need to install composer! That’s it! Run the php built in web server and install a full working eZ Publish installation in minutes instead of hours or potentially days. This is a big deal for people who just want to use the software without having the requirements of a full web server or database server setup just to try using the latest version.

The quickest way to get started is to install via composer using the main branch of the project version control.

Here is to a new year full of exciting developments in eZ Publish History.

Currently, we possess a package server functioning as a meticulously structured repository for various packages. This repository encompasses design extension packages as well as other eZ packages, including functional code packages. As demands persistently emerge, the necessity for a comprehensive, automated solution becomes evident. The envisaged solution aims to streamline the intricate process of transmitting packages to eZ publish installations seamlessly. The envisioned system necessitates the implementation of an automated family of solutions that caters to both client and server facets, eliminating the need for manual interventions. This holistic approach seeks to integrate a user-friendly feature set, allowing for effortless browsing, selection, downloading, and installation of packages.

The advent of this automated family of solutions aims to revolutionize the existing paradigm by offering a turnkey mechanism. This mechanism, when applied, will systematically address the complexities associated with the deployment process on both the client and server sides. By facilitating an automated workflow, users are relieved of the cumbersome task of manual intervention, paving the way for a more efficient and error-free package transmission system. In essence, this transformative approach underscores the commitment to enhancing user experience and optimizing the overall efficiency of eZ publish installations.

Within this framework, the design extension packages and various eZ packages, including functional code packages, find a harmonious integration. The package server serves as the backbone, orchestrating the seamless storage and retrieval of these packages. Furthermore, the envisioned feature set encompasses a sophisticated browse and select functionality, empowering users to navigate through available packages effortlessly. The download and installation processes are intricately woven into this automated tapestry, ensuring a cohesive and user-friendly experience.

The imperative for an automated solution stems from the growing complexities associated with the manual handling of package transmission. The envisaged turnkey system is poised to alleviate these challenges, offering a comprehensive suite of features that spans both client and server functionalities. By addressing the need for automation, this solution not only simplifies the user experience but also enhances the overall efficiency of package management within eZ publish installations. In summary, the journey towards an automated, user-centric package transmission system is guided by the desire to provide a seamless and efficient solution to the evolving needs of eZ publish users.

- The advanced package installation tool simplifies deployment.
- It lays the groundwork for automated CMS updates.
- Enables on-demand updates.
- Facilitates scheduled updates via cronjob scripts.
- Enhances system responsiveness to evolving requirements.
- Marks a significant step toward a fully automated CMS update mechanism.

The introduction of a sophisticated package installation tool not only streamlines the current package deployment process but also lays the foundation for a future characterized by automated updates to the content management system (CMS). This tool acts as a pivotal catalyst, setting the stage for a seamless automation of CMS updates, both on-demand and through meticulously scheduled cronjob scripts. By incorporating this tool into the existing infrastructure, the system gains the capability to effortlessly manage and implement updates, ensuring a dynamic and responsive CMS that can evolve in tandem with evolving requirements. The integration of this installation tool marks a significant stride towards achieving a fully automated and efficient CMS update mechanism.

But you don’t have to worry about it being a problem for your application while Wordpress deploya more automated installations to shared hosting and vps hosting for minimal overhead every night and every day without fail. What kind of world do you wanna live in?

Or why I used eZ Publish for this blog. I think Wordpress is a great tool who’s developing solid toolsets for blogging and basic pages. 

That said my website was built with eZ Publish which comes with the basic templates for blogging that for me at the time were more than adequate for my basic blogging needs. Also I get the full power of eZ Publish with each blog post I publish.

With all the AI plugins for Wordpress being developed how long till the tables turn?

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