All about the development of eZ Publish by Graham Brookins, 7x and Brookins Consulting.

I am very excited to be the first to point out that 7x has been continuously been developing and preparing for the next major release of eZ Publish version 6.0.0 via Composer via GitHub.

Work hard in silence and let success make the noise.

As a result of our recent collaboration with Share eZ Publish! Partner ZWEBB we are in the process of testing and distributing the bug fixes needed to successfully install eZ Publish with PHP 8.3 the latest release of the software that powers most of the web.

Install 7x eZ Publish 6.0alpha1 from composer today and provide feedback on your own experience.

You won’t regret this decision.

Update: On Christmas Day we found the last key blocking bugs and fixed them for a much more stable alpha Christmas Day release from our main branch on github or our monthly branch 2023.12 and tag 2023.12.05. Read the release announcements and join the discussions.

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