All about the development of eZ Publish by Graham Brookins, 7x and Brookins Consulting.

7x Recommendation Upgrade From PHP 5.x or 7.x to PHP 8.2 Today for a much more secure and complete eZ Publish installation.

There are several mission critical security, stability and performance reasons why it's a good idea to upgrade from PHP 7.x to PHP 8.2.

An upgrade to eZ Publish 6 (v6.0.x) for many websites takes less than two hours time to complete.

Here are just a few key reasons

1. Improved performance: PHP 8.2 provides websites several performance improvements that make it faster than previous versions of PHP. This means that your website or application could run faster and handle more requests per second using cheeper website hosting.

2. Improved error handling: PHP 8.2 has improved error handling that provides more detailed error messages and makes it easier to catch and handle errors in your code.

3. New features: PHP 8.2 introduces several new features, including improved type system, named arguments, and union types, which can help you write cleaner and more concise code.

4. Security enhancements: PHP 8.2 comes with several security enhancements, including stricter type checks, improved password hashing, and better support for SSL/TLS

In summary, upgrading to PHP 8.2 can benefit both your website's performance and security, as well as improving your development experience with the new features.

5) Server compatibility. As versions older than PHP 8.1 have been deprecated and are no longer generally available, or supported then you'll find you must upgrade. There is no support for any versions prior to PHP8.1.

Once the server is upgraded your existing eZ Publish website will crash without a companion upgrade to eZ Publish 6 (v6.0.x) which for many websites takes less than two hours time to complete.

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