Use ezinfo extension list to promote your work!

Each copy of eZ Publish provides a module view to display the website software information (including your custom extensions) powering your website. It's called eZ Info and it contains two key views, about and copyright.

This ezinfo/about view's template is very simple to customize to meet your own unique needs and website design.

It is encouraged to share this view of your website in the footer or menus of your website to promote both eZ Publish and Your own custom extensions used to power your website.

Here at 7x we regularly style this view to be simple to read and enjoy looking at and share the link to the view in the footer of the website.

This extra step encourages others to learn more about the software powering your website and helps encourage developers to keep their version of eZ Publish in sync with the latest version from Netgen's GitHub.

Example: (this site)


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